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has reportedly been offered exciting new on-screen opportunities by amid claims she was left 'furious over a string of embarrassing errors' on Good Morning Britain. 
An insider told that bosses are hoping to secure her long-term future on the show after they feared she would quit.
The source said: ' has some phenomenal programming ideas built around Susanna for later this year, all ones to which she has typically very proactively contributed to and helped build and inspire, so why would she walk away from them?'
Details surrounding the filming are not yet known but a number of programme ideas are said to be in the works.
MailOnline has reached out to Good Morning Britain for comment.
Career: Susanna Reid has reportedly been offered exciting new on-screen opportunities by ITV amid claims she was left 'furious over a string of embarrassing errors' on Good Morning Britain

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And it appears it was a needed uplift, after the presenter was said to be furious earlier this week following a string of embarrassing errors on GMB.
Susanna, 52, allegedly 'made her feelings very clear' and confronted senior executives after a series of blunders and mistakes made their way into the live broadcast.
Spelling mistakes, wrong dates and graphic mis-designs have all slipped through during live broadcasts of the show in recent weeks, leaving the host allegedly embarrassed.
Among the errors was one incident in which News Correspondent Ben Chapman's name was spelt incorrectly during his live broadcast from Romania .
As Ranvir Singh presented the segment, she introduced Ben for his section - with his name appearing on the screen as 'Ben Champan'.
Another incident saw GMB air a segment paying tribute to the death of Lisa Marie Presley, with the word 'remembering' also spelt wrong on screen, as the graphic read: 'Remebering'.
And that wasn't all, as the wrong date was shown while Susanna was presenting the show one morning. 
Drama: An insider told The Sun that bosses are hoping to secure her long-term future on the show after they feared she would quit
A source told The Sun : 'She made her feelings very clear, and confronted the senior executives over it.
'Susanna is totally professional and just wants high standards — as Piers or any other presenter would have done.
'The last thing anyone wants is her walking away in anger.'
Susanna doesn't appear to be the only one aggravated by the gaffes, as some viewers took to Twitter during the live morning shows to highlight GMB's mistakes.
Calling out a poster it had made for rugby player Levi Simeon Davis, who went missing in October 2022, many noticed that the wrong year was printed on the graphic.
'@gmb your poster for missing Levi has wrong date on it - says October 2023,' wrote on viewer. 
Sorry: Good Morning Britain got into some hot water last week too as presenter Richard Madeley was left apologising for misgendering Sam Smith, who goes by they/them pronouns
While another advised: 'Your poster shown on this morning's news for EVDen evE NAkliyAT the missing male is wrong check the date it's showing October 2023 #GMB.'


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